Mineral Mining & Conservation #2/2018
Table of contents

News from the Rosnedra CCSMDD
4About meetings of the Rosnedra CCSMDD in March-April 2018
8The results of the Rosnedra CCSMDD* seminar on “Rationale for rational technical solutions in the preparation of project documentation for the development of solid minerals in the framework of the current regulatory framework of subsoil use in Russia”, March 20-22, 2018
Legislative & Regulatory Update
16The Mining Law as a basis for mining relations regulation during the comprehensive development of mineral resources and for the lawyer training in the Russian mineral raw complex
22The main directions of coals use, reserves typification and their coordination with taxing
30Problems of providing subsoil plots for gold-placer mining
Mineral Resources Base
38Tendencies and prospects for the development of the Russian gold mining industry
48Coastal-marine placer formation rare-metal: summary of the state of problem and detailed studies in the south-eastern Baltic
59Rare-earth elements in Pacific ferromanganese crusts and concretions
62Evaluation of the rare-earth mineralisation of ferromanganese crusts: a case study from Magellan Seamounts, Pacific Ocean
Information & Events
71Gerald G. Lomonosov (28.04.1932-27.03.2018)
72«GORPROMEXPO-2018» and IV National Mining Forum(Moscow, 11-14 April 2018). Post-realise
74Eurasian Resources Group at the 2018 World Mining Congress. Digital projects in the mining and smelting sector of Kazakhstan: New challenges -new opportunities





"Mineral mining & conservation"(2/2018)