Mineral Mining & Conservation #5-6/2015
Table of contents

News from the Rosnedra CCSMDD
10Enhancement of the role of information technologies by development of expert knowledge in the area of mineral processing
15Situational mineralogical analysis as the basic element of evaluation of technological properties and mineral raw dressability
30The significance of modern complex technological mineralogy methods for solving problems of increasing the gross recoverable value
36Revisiting the choice of technology for the processing of refractory gold ores
41Revisiting the forecasting indicators of flotation beneficiation according to data of mineralogical studies
45The optimization of technological study of ores by results of the evaluation their contrast in the bowels
51Dry ore preparation methods as a means of improving the efficiency of separation processes
60The new technology of comprehensive processing of difficult to treat lead-zinc ores
68Flotation platinum-poor natural and technogenic mineral raw materials
73The technological audit of existing mineral processing plants
83Increasing the depth of processing of poor iron ores using the external blast-furnace cokeless technologies
94Cyanide free methods of the extracting gold from refractory concentrates
99Development of bio-hydrometallurgical processing technologies of comprehensive mineral raw
104Conditioning of high-sulfur magnetite concentrates for reducing toxic admixtures
108Complex recycling of mining-industrial waste
116Studying of cakes cyanidation as an object of technological mineralogy
120Mineralogical substantiation of the technology of secondary recycling of non-ferrous metals waste





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