Mineral Mining & Conservation #4/2015
Table of contents

News from the Rosnedra CCSMDD
4Meetings of the Rosnedra CCSMDD in June - September
9RON-Glossology. Features of a specialized terminologyof diamond production (the end of article)
Legislative & Regulatory Update
28On the relevance of the Federal Law “On geological study” as a basis for the rational use of mineral resources potential
Information & Events
33On the results of the General meeting of membersof the Society of Russian Experts on Subsoil Use (OERN)
Legislative & Regulatory Update
34История одного судебного дела о налогообложении забалансовых руд
Subsoil Resources
36Assessment of preparedness for development the mineral resources base of the Russian coal industry
40Nikolay G. Malukhin (the obituary)
41The status and problems of development of coal mine and open pit funds of the Kuznetsk basin
Проектирование и разработка
47Modern design decision coal storage yard of electricity facility
52On issue of designing of conservation (liquidation) of inefficient underground coal-mines in Russia (on example of Kuzbass)
Rational Subsoil Use
58The results of experimental-industrial exploitation SHM for extracting coal reserves from outcropping seams outside the technical borderline of a coal opencast
63Introduction of innovative technologies is the main trend of development of production of the PJSC Polyus (the results of 2014 and preliminary results for the first 9 months of 2015)
Scientific & Technical Support
68Research results of the interrelation between rock dumps parameters and their deformational parameters
72Reducing environmental risks by improving the managerial, technical and technological processes(on the results of the Second International Southern Ecologic Forum “Terra Vita - 2015” and the International Business Forum “Commercial and Industrial Potential of Russian regions”, August 21-23, Sochi, Russia)





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